How to Make Money With WordPress in 48 Hours (Introduction) – Free Training Series

I’ve got a fantastic announcement that you will be 100% blown your mind…

As long as you still want to make money online:)

Over the next few days, I will share an in-depth, 100% FREE training series with you.

Short Summary of my training

I created a step-by-step, 9 parts training series on making money with WordPress and blogging.

Now, I know what you might think…

Really, another “How to…” useless info product that I will waste hours trying to implement a cocktail of random pieces of information?!

Not at All!

During this training series, I will cover 100% everything you need to know and hold you “by hand” on each step.

You might think, is it really for you.

I wrote this training the way that completely beginners, as well as experienced marketers, will make money from it!

IMPORTANT: All I want from you is commitment. This is not a “push button, magic ATM builder”:). You have to follow EACH AND EVERY step if you really want to make money online. Period.

If you’re ready to do everything, whatever it takes to make money online, then this training series is for you:)

A free training series where I take you by the hand and walk you step by step on how to make a full time income online from home with a WordPress blog

Still not 100% sure?

Let me explain who is that training for:

  • Find out how to make a full-time income from home by blogging
  • How within 48-72 hours of setting up your WordPress blog, you can start making money
  • Help anyone who is looking for a traffic method that will work
  • Wants to learn advanced SEO techniques and get on the first page of Google

If you’re ready to achieve any of the goals above, this training series is 100% for you:)

What Will You Learn from This Free WordPress Training?

Let me tell you first that I’ve been planning to sell this course for $150-$200.

Why? This is A-Z training and will take me a lot of time and effort to release it.

In fact, I will cover everything you need to learn to make money online with WordPress and Blogging inside this training course.
Not only that. As a bonus, I will show you how you can scale your profit to the level you want!

So why I’m not charging any money for it?

I want to show you that whatever I’m releasing is packed to the roof in knowledge and easy to follow.

Next time, when I release some paid course, you will know that I’m a person you can trust.

Breakdown of Modules You’re Getting Inside This Training Series:

(IMPORTANT: When I release a new module, a correspondent link will become clickable)

  1. How to find high profitable, easy to rank expired domains with traffic using 100% free methods
  2. How to setup a hosting account and install WordPress on your new domain
  3. How to setup your website for SEO and get top rankings fast
  4. How to rank higher in Google by increasing website speed in mobile view for free
  5. How to use Ubersuggest to do keyword research for free
  6. How to find profitable products with a high conversion rate so you can cash big commissions
  7. How to beat your competitors by ranking higher in Google with on-page SEO
  8. (Optional) Where to find “clean” PBN Backlinks” and how to buy them for high ranking in Google
  9. (Powerful) How to force Google to rank your website with ONLY 1 backlink
  10. BONUS 1: Get powerful, high authority links for FREE with “Magical” Extension
  11. BONUS 2: How to build powerful DA90+ backlinks for FREE

Now you see that I will cover a lot with this WordPress training series.

As I promised is entirely A to Z training, from getting a solid domain to making a consistent profit with your new website.

When and Where Can You Get Access to My Brand New Training Series?

Once again, I have great news for you:)

I will be posting the entire series here on my blog.

I’ll do my best to post every second day, excluding weekends.

Once I publish a new module, the corresponding link will become clickable.

Recommendation: If you don’t want to miss any new modules, I recommend Subscribing to my email list.

This way, I’ll let you know when release new module.

UPDATE: I just released the first part of the training series.

You can access the first part by clicking the button below. Enjoy:)

The time has come to wrap this up…

I know that you may have some questions. Simply send me an email, and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

Thanks for reading this quite long introduction to my new training course:)

I believe that you will take action, and shortly you’ll send me your success story.

Never give up!

Speak you soon, 
Lukasz Pacholec

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