How to Find HIGH Authority Expired Domains with Traffic for Free

Welcome to the first part of my Free training on how to find high authority expired domains with traffic for free.

Before starting, make sure that you read the Introduction post for this training HERE.

Ok, now we are all on the same level:)

Today I’ll show you how to find authority, aged domains for your WordPress website.

how to find high authority expired domains with traffic for free

Why Is Creating a New Domain Name Not a Good Idea If You Want To Make Money Online Quickly?

Let me quickly explain why it is essential to build your Blog on an aged domain.



Between 25 and 35% of new domains are created to spam viewers with various bad websites ar viruses. 

That’s why you need to build trust with Google before getting access to search traffic, and this might takes between 6 months to even a year. We are calling this phrase “sandbox.”

Aged, expired domains passed sandbox phrase long ago and already ranking in various keywords.

That’s why it is crucial to choose an expired domain if you like to start making profits within days, not years.

What You'll Be Learning Today

Three Steps That You Have to Take to Success

Important note: Every day at 6 PM GMT, freshly expired domains will be released. 

If you don’t find a suitable domain for your Blog, don’t give up. Repeat the process the next day. Sometimes might take you 3-5 days before you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 1: Find High Authority Expired Domains with Traffic for Free

  • Now, you need to create a free account with Expired Domains:

  • Login to your account, and click on the “Column Manager” tab:

When you’re looking on the website, it might look confusing. 

Don’t worry. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the settings.

  • Now, click on another “Column Manager” tab, and open the “Majestic General” dropdown menu:
  • To open Majestic settings, click the grey bar. Tick the following boxes:
  • Once you’ve done the basic setup, click “Save Changes” then “Deleted Domains”:
  • You’ll see all domains with desired metrics… yet, we still have to siphon through the crowd to find diamonds. To do this, click on “Show Filter” tab:
  • Now it’s time to work with the “Majestic” tab. Setup “Trust Flow” value for 10:

This simple setup will remove all spammy domains with lower quality and high spam scores.

  • Now, go to the “Additional” tab:
  • Go to the “Original gTLDs” box and tick the following domain extensions:

This step is CRUCIAL, and only those domain extensions are trustworthy in the eyes of internet users.

Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself how many times you clicked on an unknown domain with an extension, for example, xyz or tel…


Important Lesson Before Next Move: Choosing Right Keywords for High Authority Expired Domains With Traffic

On the next tab, we choose a keyword that we like our domain to be focused on.

This is an essential step. 

When choosing the right keyword, you have to focus on:

Primo: Your keyword has to be around your desired niche.

Secondo: It should be a broad and widely used word describing your market.

Let me give you an example. If you’re targeting the weight loss market, you can use these keywords:

Try to use only broad keywords related to your desired market. Long-tail keywords will show fewer results… and the domain won’t look “sexy”:)

Choose ONLY ONE keyword for each search!

  • Now, go to the “Common” tab, and tick the box next to ” Only Available Domains”:

It’s time to add keywords from the list you should prepare.

  • Go to the “Domain Name Whitelist” box, and place the keyword in the “Contains” box. Remember, only one keyword per search.

We are ready to launch our search. Press the “Apply Filter” button.

You will receive the list of domains following are following our specific criteria.

  • Now is the time to download the file with our domains by clicking the “CSV” symbol:

We have the list of our domains. Try to get a minimum of 10-20 domains before going to the next step…

Step 2: Finding authority score for each domain

We will use a free online domain authority checker. 

As of now, you can check a maximum of 25 domains for free…

but you can “hack the system” and limit an unlimited amount of domains.


Use incognito mode and clear your cache after each use:)

  • To check domain authority, we will use this:

If this online checker doesn’t work for you, don’t worry.

There are literally hundreds of websites where you can check domain authority for free.

Simply type in Google similar phrases:
Free domain authority checker
Bulk domain authority checker
Mass free domain authority checker

  • Paste a maximum of 25 domains and click the “Check Authority” button:
  • Since we are using the free version, all we care about is the “DA” section. We are looking for DA score 20 or higher. Copy them to a notepad with the score number on the side. Repeat this process with all keywords you saved.

PRO TIP: If you find domains with a score over 10 and really like them, save them. Sometimes is better to get a perfect-looking domain with a lower score.

Yet, keep in mind that it will take you longer to rank blogs with domain scores lower than 20… Still, sometimes it is worth it:)

Questions You Might Have:

What If I cannot Find Domains With DA Score Above 20?

Do another research, but without any keywords. You will find dozens of high DA score keywords.

Reminder: Don’t forget that freshly expired domains are released every day at 6 PM GMT. If you spend a few days on research, you’ll end with many perfect domains.

What If Domain I Found Is Not Related To Niche I Choose?

Let’s put this in perspective.

When I’m saying “Addidas” or “Nike,” you’re thinking about shoes… yet, did I say that?:)

Go for it if you find some domains related to multiple niches or cause association with your market by crafting a related logo.

The DA(domain authority) score is more important than the domain name. Higher DA score, easier to rank.

Step 3: Checking Domain History. Last Step.

Ok. We have a list of domains with DA(domain authority) 20+.

Now it’s time to check the history of this domain.


We need to find out if this domain has been used for “shady” websites related to:
5-e-x t-0-y-s etc.

Why did I write these words so weirdly? Believe me or not, writing those words highly affects your ranking.

We have to be very cautious when checking our potential domains.

Time To Check Our Domain History

For this step, we will use a free website called Wayback Machine.

This website is straightforward yet powerful and will remind you that nothing you put on the page(text, photo, or video) will disappear.

Let’s go to the Wayback Machine website:

  • We will check each domain separately. Paste the first domain and press the “Browse History” button:
  • Now, click on the earliest date when Wayback Machine starts to index the website:
  • Below the timeline, you’ll see a calendar. Each dot showed dates when Wayback Machine “spider” visited the website. Click The date to see what was hosted under the domain at that time.

You will notice that some dates are marked by different colors of the dots.
Blue – standard visit
Green – Wayback Machine “spider” was redirected to another URL

Open green ones, and check if the domain has been redirected to any “shady” websites I mentioned before. You should ditch the domain and move to the next one if it does.

Now move to the blue dots, and open the last one of the particular year. Once again, check if the domain wasn’t used for any “shady” markets. If yes, move to the other domain.

Important Lesson That Will Save a Lot Of Your Time

Don’t get “caught” by any domain. 

What do I mean by that?

Even if some domain looks excellent, looks like your dreaming domain, but won’t pass the last test, DITCH IT AND GO TO THE NEXT ONE


Google will not be indulgent and won’t rank it, so all your hard work will be pointless.

We are here to make money online, not to find friends:)

Step 4: Checking Domain Availability

This is the last step before the next Module.

For availability checking and registration, I will use Namesilo.

Maybe their website is not looking so “sexy” like Godaddy or Namecheap.

So, why them?

They are the most reliable and cheapest domain registrars, and I’m using that for all my domains.

Competitors above give a discount for the first year but charge 2-3x for following years. For .com domains, you will pay even $29 per year!

That’s a lot for domain only.

With Namesilo, you’ll be charged $9.95 per year, every year:)…

With my link below, you’ll get a $1 Discount. You’re welcome:)

Of course, you can choose any registrar you like.
Yet, at least with domain availability, I suggest you use Namesilo.

Now you have to choose the winner and register it.

We will check all domains at once:

  • Paste all domains from your notepad without HTTPS, WWW and extensions. Only domain name. Click the “Submit” button:
  • Now you see all available extensions for all domains. If you can, choose the one with a .com or .net extension. They are the most trustworthy domains:
  • Tick the box with the chosen domain and extension, and click the “Register Checked Domains” button:
  • Now you have to log in, or most likely, Register a new account:
  • Once finishing registration, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. To get a $1 Discount, copy code: AFFILIATEMARKETINGGAME and paste it inside the “Promotional Code” area, and click the “Apply” button:

Your Discount will apply. Now click the “Checkout” button

  • Select the payment option and fill in all details. Click the “Add new payment” button, and finish registration:

PRO TIP: Don’t wait with registration. The longer you wait, the higher the chances that someone else will register your desired domain.

Well done!

You just finished the first part of the training: How to Find HIGH Authority Expired Domains with Traffic for Free.  

Now you’re ready for the next step.

If I released it already, the button below will take you there:)

I hope you enjoyed this part of the training on finding high authority domains.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email.

See you in the next part of the training series: How to Find High Authority Expired Domains with Traffic for Free.

If you’re looking for other ways to make money online, have a look at the other sections on my Website.

All the best,
Lukasz Pacholec

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